with your 
Sacred Self & Path

Soul Care is an inner healing process
 that utilizes universal healing energy
 to bring your entire being: 
 into harmonic alignment with
 your Soul (or truest Self) and highest path. 

Supporting Your Journey of Peace & Healing 

Sophia's Soul Care seeks to foster wellness at an individual and community level, providing healing support and sanctuary for all beings.

Here you can receive the care that you need to walk the divine path of your Soul!

Stronger together, we'll work to reconnect and align you to your own deepest potential,

empowering you to design (or continue) a life that 

employs your gifts and passions at fulfilling your life's sacred purpose.

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Care for Your Mind, Body, Soul & Home

Services & Packages

Soul Care Consultation

FREE phone/video call to access how Soul Care can harmonize and re-calibrate the energy in your life, your home & your office.

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Receive personalized wellness tools to set up a sacred sanctuary for healing, meditation, spiritual or professional work.

Harmonize Your Sanctuary

Sophia re-calibrates and amplifies the natural energy flow of your garden, home or office sanctuary to serve your divine purpose.

Soul Care Session

Join Sophia for your personalized natural healing retreat designed to clear, center, and recharge. Reawaken your latent potential with meditations, affirmations, intuitive guidance, Chakra clearing and a Reiki treatment.

Wellness Parties & Retreats

Gather your loved ones for a soulful celebration to uplift, heal and strengthen your spiritual connections. Receive wellness tools and guidance for your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, friends' trip, or professional team building.

Wellness Education

Open the minds and hearts of your group with compassion-invoking workshops aimed to restore and strengthen participants' connection to the Natural World, themselves, other animals and their global community. 

Get the Care You Deserve!

Reach out today and we'll set up a free phone consultation to discover how Sophia's Soul Care can best serve you!


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