Sophia's Story

My services reflect my deepest joy and passion! 

I love reconnecting my clients to the Divine loving energy of all life, rekindling the healing abilities that exist within each of us!

Like many of you, I grew up not understanding myself as a natural healing intuitive and empath, but I knew that on deeper levels I would experience the pain and suffering in others as if it were happening to me as well; and every part of me would just want to help them heal.

So at a very early age, I vowed to dedicate my life to uplifting beings out of suffering into their true healed being, whole in peace and joy. 

At the foundation of my formal education was a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, which helped me understand how society attempts to label and categorize otherwise esoteric/metaphysical phenomena. Through a Master's degree in Humane Education, I honed the ability to help others uncover their natural gifts and passions, expand circles of compassion and align intentional lives to their highest values. 

Soon, working to help others realize their paths and potential strengthened my own Soul's purpose and sense of fulfillment, but deep down I knew there was more inner work that I needed to do. I could sense the heaviness of my own unresolved and avoided Soul trauma, deep old wounds buried within. 

Once I decided to embark upon the journey of healing through “my own stuff”, I knew that I wanted a trusted intuitive healer who could gently reveal my blind spots and guide me through internalized self-restrictions. During our sessions, it quite literally felt as if heavy, murky clouds lifted off my shoulders, out of my heart and mind. Working to release old fears, traumas, wounds, and negative patterns is not usually a pretty or pain-free process! But by the end of our sessions, my auric fields had been detoxed and re-balanced; I'd been realigned to the Divine essence, wisdom and purpose of my Soul.  Best of all, this healing journey revealed within me latent spiritual gifts!

Now a decade later, it continues to be my deepest joy to serve my community as a certified Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach. Connected to my spiritual/ancestral guidance, and the wisdom of my Soul, I personalize each wellness session/nature retreat to gently cradle your most sacred self and its healing work. The soul care process aims to reteach your mind, body and heart the language of its own design; so that you can follow the map back to the sanctuary of your Soul. Together, we work to remove barriers and negative patterns restricting you from achieving your target wellness levels and goals.

In the end, my sole intention is to help you rediscover the bliss of your most heightened Self, empowering you to live in harmony with the Divine purpose of your mind, body, heart and Soul.

In love & light,

Sophia Seeramlal, M. Ed 

Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach


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