Healer's Care Community Guidelines

Our community fosters a safe, harmonious space for healers FREE of charge. We welcome and encourage members to exchange services within our group to support each other and ease financial restraints.

  • To provide the highest level of care to our members, your active wellness/metaphysical/spiritual business is required at signup to join.
    •  (Retired wellness practitioners also welcome, please message directly for help with application) 


  • Our tribe of healers includes alternative medicine practitioners, herbalists, shamans/priestesses, intuitives, readers, energy healers, crystal healers, wellness authors/educators and coaches & more!


  • We seek to uphold a peaceful meeting space on and off-line for healers from all over the world.
    • We aim to practice kindness as we listen to others and as we speak about ourselves.
    • In balance, we vent our burdens and allow space for others to share theirs.
    • We show up for ourselves AND others with the purest intentions, and in turn allow others to do the same for us.


  • To keep our space safe and aligned to our vision, disruptive or disrespectful members may be asked to leave the event and may be banned from future group participation. 

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